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Design and Automation is our Game

Founded in 2010 we have grown from just focussing only on web development to the all new powerful Divi Site Builder and automation that API’s offer us today.

Meet our Team

Maximus till I see you again RIP my boy...

Phillip van Niekerk

Founder / Web Designer / Developer

Phillip started his IT career in 1996 as a Trainee PC Technician and worked up the ranks to Technician.

In 1999 he worked for a Year at Tygerberg College as a Contractual Lecturer, training students in DOS, Lotus123 and Word Perfect.

In 2000 he started as ‘n Computer Consultant at Sanlam and worked for the Company for 10 Years.

June 2010 Nexa Webdesign was founded. With 14 Years Experience in the Digital space Phillip accomplished a lifelong dream in the Design space.

Katherine Emsley

Graphic Designer

Katherine graduated in 2003 from the AAA School of Advertising, with a focus in Art Direction, after being introduced to design while doing a Desktop Publishing course at Concept Interactive in 1999.

After travelling abroad for a number of years, she settled back in South Africa and now works with clients in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Greece.

As a traditionalist, Katherine subscribes to the mantra “less is more,” taking her design cues from Bauhaus and Minimalism. In her free time, she writes flash fiction, illustrates, and is busy putting together a podcast with a cohost, exploring human nature.

Julie Purkis


Julie has a long and varied career which has come full circle from corporate to the NPO arena. She completed a Digital Marketing course in 2016 and reignited her passion for the written word.

A freelance writer and creative storyteller with communications and promotions experience.

Because effective communication is key, and great content is non-negotiable. Because stories inspire people.

Copywriting. Editing. Proof-reading. Re-writes. Media releases. Website copy. Storytelling.

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